The Nozama are an all-female artificial race originally built as soldiers. Individual Nozama Fighters can travel through space on their own, and become increasingly powerful in large numbers.

The starting "Nozama Battlesuit Horde" is potent enough that it can be divided into two or even three fleets for initial conquest . . . but Nozama Fighters are quite slow, moving only 60 units per turn. Therefore, the Nozama warlord may have to supplement her forces with faster-moving units in order to extend her grasp past nearby worlds.

Special Racial Ability

The Nozama Fighter license automatically appears on every Nozama-owned world. Such a license will vanish again if the world is captured by a non-Nozama.

The Nozama also have a unique unit: the powerful Nozama Queen, which increases the speed and combat ability of Nozama Fighters and spawns new Fighters every turn it is in a base fleet. No other race can buy this license, and it vanishes if the world is captured by a non-Nozama.

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EI: 35, RER: 215


500 Population
500 Ultranium
4 Cargo Booster
95 Nozama Fighter
1 Nozama Queen