Organized, practical, and ruthless, the Entradishar go about the business of empire-building as though they were building a barn . . . one step at a time, and using the biggest hammer they can find.

The Entradishar starting fleet features the huge Giganto Planet Attacker, carrying seven heavy tanks and a lot of fodder, and escorted by dependable Super Space Fighters. This is a good conquest force for simple tactics: Drop in on a weak neighbor, crush, and repeat.

Millennia ago, the Entradishar coded the Giganto Planet Attacker design into their own genes. All Entradishar instinctively know how to build the GPA. License cost is only 750 for this race, and CPX is also 750.

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EI: 40, RER: 200


550 Population
600 Ultranium
7 A-7 Mauler
2 ATO-3 Crawler
4 Cargo Booster
1 Giganto Planet Attacker
5 Scan-O-Matic
20 Sentinel of Garsasso
40 Super Space Fighter