The Xirons are warm-blooded and reptilian, with no legs but two large and capable hands. Their culture is elaborate and formal.

Their starting fleet is built around a pair of Xiron Medium Cruisers, a very capable medium-sized ship which combines good speed with useful carrying capacity, and is harder to kill in combat than that legendary creature of ancient Terra, the cockroach. However, it's still best to give the XMC an escort of expendable units rather than risk losing one to a lucky shot.

The XMC can be upgraded to the faster and tougher Xiron Heavy Cruiser . . . but the secret of building the upgrade unit, the Xiron Force Coil, is known only to the Xirons. Thus, the only way anyone else can get the Force Coil license is to capture a Xiron world . . .

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EI: 50, RER: 190


500 Population
400 Ultranium
6 Boron Recon Buggy
1 EDM Sensor-200
3 HEW-9 Eliminator
9 Sentinel of Garsasso
20 WarMek
9 X-6 Instigator
0 Xiron Force Coil (License only)
2 Xiron Medium Cruiser