New Recruits

UltraCorps is now in open beta phase, offering both solo and group play.

During testing, UltraCorps is free to everyone. When our testing is over, we'll set a monthly rate, though some introductory play will remain free. At any rate, all we ask for now is that you have fun, respect the community (see the Social Rules), and report any problems that you find so that we can improve the game.

Registering to Play

You will need to create an account on the SJ Games website in order to play UltraCorps. Only one account per person, please!

We will ask for your name and a valid e-mail address. We will use your address to notify you when the game enters new testing or release phases. We will not spam you or sell our user list, and other players will not see this information! See our Privacy Policy for the gory details.

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System Requirements

UltraCorps is played via web browser, and requires JavaScript. It will work on IE 5 or later, Netscape 6 or later, Mozilla, Firefox, and any browser that supports the W3C DOM.