April 18, 2017: Scheduled Downtime

The SJGames servers will be offline for several hours on Wednesday evening (4/19) for a server move. UC will be inaccessible or will show "Under Siege" errors during that time.

March 14, 2017: New Mailing List

UltraCorps is moving to a new server soon. Please subscribe to the new e-mail list to get news and updates about the game!

Subscribe to the UltraCorps News List:

February 6, 2017: New Mega Game

A new mega game "Firestorm 1702" is open for joins! Visit the game info page to join.

October 28, 2016: Salvo 1610

The map for new mega game Salvo 1610 is now built! Log in and get your moves done. The first tick is Saturday!

October 21, 2016: Happy Halloween! You Got A New Mega!

Salvo 1610 is now open for joins!

August 12, 2016: New Mega

The first tick for the new mega Avalon 1608 starts Saturday. Get your moves in!

March 4, 2016: Forward March!

The map for the game "Marching Orders" has been built! If you're in the game, log in to make your starting moves. The first tick will be Sunday.

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