May 1, 2024: Mayday Mega

Join the new Mega and spring into battle. Will you celebrate your victories in battle or will you be beaming distress calls into outer space? Let's find out!
-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

February 16, 2024: Solar Flares

Greetings Commanders,
Thank your Kira for starting the game. Please excuse my absence. My computer got fried when the power came on after an outage.I had a challenge with not having access to my login credentials, but I fought through and here I am.
It looks like we have a good number of players and things are moving along well. March is an off month. The next Mega is slated to start a couple days after March 1st.
Have fun with it!
--Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

February 11, 2024: Vector Victory Map Open

The map for Vector Victory has been built.

The first tick is Tuesday Feb 13th at 8pm CST. Get your moves in!

-- Kira

January 27, 2024: New Mega Game Open

First new mega of 2024 is open now and the 1st tick will be on 2/4 at 8pm.

Infinita get a 20% perk.

30 turns, plus or minus two turns.

Have fun!

-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

January 1, 2024: Tower 212 Wins!

Tower 212 wins the Holiday Ring game! Good show!

Elves on the shelves and Santa Claus tie for 2nd. Brian the Brave takes 4th and Starcharger gets 5th. Next we have Perseus in 6th, DarthVain in 7th place with Zpo, X-streamist takes 9th and Helgrenze grabs 10th. Farstar and Xenofruit complete the top dozen in 11th and 12th. Congratulations to the Dirty Dozen, the Top Ten, Top 5, Top Three medal stand winners and to numero uno himself Tower 212.

Joint the Private Universe Battle 2024 PUB game and come to the forums there. Tower 212 will be discussing his tactics, maneuvers, positioning, thought process, feats of prowess, brave deeds, courageous interjections and dastardly dashing diplomacy. In detail, I am sure.

An event which many would have bet would never happen, happened at the close of the game. Starcharger passed up Travail in all time Masters points and took possession of 2nd place. The Fleet Admiral was quoted in saying,"Travail is a much better player. I have just played in a lot more games than he has."

New Mega starts on 2/4/24, 12 player PUB available if you want to play before then. Happy New Year!

-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

November 28, 2023: Holiday Ring Game 2023

A new game starts right after the start of December. Join now! This is the last major game of the year, so have fun.

The next Mega game is slated to open right around the 1st February and will close to new joiners on the 2nd. The first tick will be 2/4/24, "as long as the creek don't rise."

-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

November 17, 2023: Koneko Wins

Koneko gets 1st place! Well done! Solitar finishes 2nd, Gerrygadget finishes 3rd, DeJagen lands in 4th and Farstar finishes out with 5th place.

A holiday ring game will be starting up shortly. Check back soon to see the game going up. It will probably open in a day or so, close late on the 1st and start on December 3rd.

In case you wondered where I disappeared to, I was sucked into a wormhole and transported into an alternate reality. Kira came and rescued me. Thanks Kira!

-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

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