July 18, 2021: Summer Swelter Starts Out Hot!

UC_Guderian then Caruso, with Catbar, Dejagen, Dr_Sci and Polarducky all in 3rd. Things are about to get even hotter.

Will the game end at 20 turns or 28 or somewhere in between? The answer is yes.

Are you positioned for a finish early or sometime next month? In the heat of the summer it is invariable that something is going to blow up. Guderian goes 17 rounds in two separate battles on the same turn and wins both. Uriel Xironia

Heard at the hydro-oxy cooler: Netflix is getting into video games big and they want to license three of the major currently existing SJGames franchises of Munchkins, OGRE and Ultracorps. "This catalog of content spearheads the streaming of AI produced content with characters deep data-mined from the exhaustive and voluminous SJGames Cloud of Creative Content."

Look for details on our next game soon. We are thinking of doing a remote game where people can log on with their computers whenever they want.
-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

July 8, 2021: Summer Mega Open

Our summer mega game has started and we will see the first tick run at 8pm Friday. Range between 20 and 28 turns. Dog Days Mega to come.
-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

July 2, 2021: Congratulation Zpo! New Game Open

Summer Swelter is open to join until the 7th starting July 8 at 8pm. --SC

Zpo has won the mega game "Veni, Vidi, Vici" seizing 29 worlds. Zpo finished with five worlds more than the second place opponent Solitar and had close to 2,000 more firepower than the closest opposition. Zpo's diplomacy, strategies and war tactics demonstrate excellence and why the title of Ultracorps Caesar is deserved. Hail Ultracorps Caesar!

-- Dr. Sci, Fleet Medical

June 27, 2021: July Fireworks!

It looks like the fireworks may come a bit early this year. Zpo, leading in firepower, was overhead saying "I'll show them a thing or two!" after the stat sheets hit showing Koneko314 and Starcharger on top of the heap with 5 ticks extant. Jodos gained one raising him to 20 planets and a near 4th place, four ahead of Dr_Sci at 5th. Solitar and DenverChief tied with Black Knight ahead of Xenofruit and Gimak.

Look for a new game to open for joining soon. I expect it will start on or after the 5th of July.

Who wins the laurel wreath and gains Ultracorps Citizenship to the galaxy? In just five days we will be able to say, "We came, we saw and they conquered!"

-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

June 16, 2021: Revel In The Adulation!

The populations cheer and four commanders revel in the adulation. The four commanders Black Knight, DeJagen, Starcharger and ZPO are tied at 16 worlds apiece. Prematurely all four commanders have placed a wreath upon their heads. The mega game "Veni, Vidi, Vici" is only fifty percent complete, so it has been rumored that the wreath placement at current time is part of each commanders propaganda campaign. These commanders are eager to be Ultracorps Caesar.

Commanders Koneko314, Solitaire and Jodos and not far behind the four leaders. Solitaire with 14 worlds is just getting started and certainly not finished as many have observed in past campaigns. Jodos and Koneko314 have 13 worlds each. There are rumors that Koneko314 has hired a new publicist with hopes of retaking the lead once held.

-- Dr. Sci, Fleet Medical

June 8, 2021: Xenofruit Wins!

Xenofruit has won the mega game "Hygiene Day" seizing 30 worlds. This happens to be Xenofruit's first mega win. Xenofruit had this to say about his victory; "What a game! I had great allies and tough opponents. Edge helped too!" Congratulations to our humble and modest commander that won this mega game in a convincing manner over Caruso 6 worlds behind and BorgMeister and Gerrygadget 10 worlds behind.

-- Dr. Sci, Fleet Medical

June 1, 2021: Hail Caesar!

Veni, Vidi, Vici is now open. Make your moves for the June 3rd start. What commander will echo the words of Julius Caesar "Veni, Vidi, Vici"? Which commander will become the next Ultracorps Caesar?

We are in the closing quarter of "Hygiene Day" and Xenofruit holds a one world lead over Caruso. However, Gerrygadget and BorgMeister are in position for the upset.

In discussion is a ring game with pre-join possible at the end of June or the beginning of July. Watch for the possible ring game.

-- Dr. Sci, Fleet Medical

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