October 28, 2016: Salvo 1610

The map for new mega game Salvo 1610 is now built! Log in and get your moves done. The first tick is Saturday!

October 21, 2016: Happy Halloween! You Got A New Mega!

Salvo 1610 is now open for joins!

August 12, 2016: New Mega

The first tick for the new mega Avalon 1608 starts Saturday. Get your moves in!

March 4, 2016: Forward March!

The map for the game "Marching Orders" has been built! If you're in the game, log in to make your starting moves. The first tick will be Sunday.

February 28, 2016: Marching Orders

A new game is now open for joins!

October 25, 2015: New Mega - All Hallows Reave

Something spooky this way comes... a new mega! Plunder your neighbor's worlds and build your empire. Whoever finishes with the most worlds wins!

This game is open for joins through Thursday, Oct. 29. The map will be built then and you can do your opening moves. The first tick will be Saturday Oct. 31. Happy Halloween!

August 14, 2015: Dog Days Has Begun

The Dog Days game has begun. It's early still (turn 4), and the teams are pretty even so far.

If you missed this game, check out the PUB game area for open PUB games... or start your own!

And don't forget to edit your prefs so you can receive e-mail notifications when the next Mega game opens for joining.

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