May 11, 2022: Ultracorps Megathon

One nice week of spring, with flowers blooming and birds chirping, followed by 4 weeks of increasing conflict which builds to a crescendo as huge alien fleets engage in interplanetary combat.

For the few players that somehow manage to survive a 35 day gauntlet, we will serve them a 6th week with a twist. On the 36th tick, all NAPs and border agreements are null and void. You can go against this specific games' rules and honor invalidated contracts, but to do so would be considered less than completely honorable.

Open now, the UC Megathon closes to new players on 5/16 with the first tick slated about a day later on 5/17 at 9pm. 42 turns is a lot, so plan accordingly.

-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

May 10, 2022: The Update

DeJagen wins The Regular! Back to back wins for DaJagen!

-- Dr. Sci, Fleet Medical

April 24, 2022: Helgrenze Gets To 2022 In 2022

You could say that it takes most players 15 or 16 years to get to 2,000 XP, but most people will never get to 2,000 points because Helgrenze is only the 12th in the long and storied history of the game to reach the 2,000 club. I guess now we need a bigger table. Will Helgrenze call MayDay with 2022 in 2022 on May Day?

Randiv wins Telemachus! And Dejagen wins Operation A-90!

GerryGadget leads The Regular Mega game, but there are still up to 15 turns to go.

Look for a new Mega to start around 5/15/22 or so. There are some available Personal Universe games you may join between now and then.

-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

March 28, 2022: The Regular

When you're a Ultracorps enthusiast and cannot get enough, this game without asset modifications is for you and the new recruits. Join through Monday, April 4th. This game will commence Thursday, April 7th at 8pm CST. Join now to play, "The Regular".

Congratulations to DeJagen for the impressive win of the last mega game, Operation A-90. DeJagen is trending having now two wins in recent months. Great job!

Good luck commanders! Let's play!

-- Dr. Sci, Fleet Medical

February 17, 2022: Operation A-90

Mega game "Operation A-90" is open to join. The last day to join is Monday 2/21. Operation A-90 will start Wednesday 2/23 @ 8pm CST.

The A-90 Biobomb is an anti-population weapon in the inventory of many civilized governments. Rumors are abound that the existing state of affairs caused by subversive speech will increase the production of condemned weapons such as the A-90. Who will dare?

Good luck commanders!

-- Dr. Sci, Fleet Medical

January 7, 2022: Telemachus

A new Mega game is open now and will be all of the first half of January. Join if you like, but be careful. You might become invisible.

Death Ray is blasting away with 1,000 FP battles on a regular. The Prophet Takers lead, but who knows what the Telekinetics have in their minds?

Happy New Year and may it be a good one!

-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

December 6, 2021: 3000 XP Club Rare Air

Hell Harvest harbingers have Travail headleading with Solitar, DeJagen and Jodos closely pursuing. Randiv, Zpo and Caruso compete for strong finish. Dr_Sci, Black Knight, Bianchi and Starcharger round out the top ten.

XP, or experience points are gained by playing in Mega or Ring games with bonus points for finishing. You can get points by leveling up in a solo game or placing in game art or battle poetry contests too. DenverChief and PolarDucky are now listed in the XP top 300. UndeadBones, one of the best players in the game, has under 1000 XP at 848. Dejagen entered the 1,000 club this year. Jodos is about to pass Ultracorps legend UC_Rommel at 1113 this week. Caruso could pass game expert Kira as early as next game. Randiv and Xenofruit are looking at the 2000 club which Zpo recently joined as only the 10th player ever to achieve this lofty goal. Sentrion, HCobb and 15 game winner Travail are over 2,000. Farstar, Gikiski and Dr_Sci are new to the highly elite 2,500 level. All-time top three Habig, who has 2866 XP could well hit 3 in 22. Solitar tops the command with a stratospheric, extraterrestrial gastronomic superlative of a number - symbolizing solidity, endurance, perseverance, loyalty, ability, stability, willingness and unsurpassed dedication to the Service. Hats off to Solitar and Ultracorps! We recognize each and all of you for your sacrifice and service to the galaxies.

Welcome Starcharger to the 3,000 Club!
Ultracorps extends a moment of recognition to Solitar and Starcharger!


The 3,000 club averages out to be about five or six mega games a year for 15 years. Finishing 86 games at 35 points a game produces 3,010 XP. Solitar has played in 98 mega or ring games, Starcharger 90, Habig 82, Gikiski and Farstar 78, Xenofruit 76, Dr_Sci 75, Helgrenze 68, HCobb 66, Travail 63, Sentrion 60, Zpo 59, Gimak 55, Shadowbane 54 and Randiv 52. It adds up to one turn every other day. A dozen of the XP Top 15 are still active players.

Death Ray, our new mega game with festive Blazing Blasts of Light, is open now for joining until 12/8 after 8pm with first action 12/12/21 at 8pm Steve Jackson Games time. Death Ray will wrap up after New Year's Week.


Good will to you all! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Fleet Admiral

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