October 31, 2019: Big Brother Wins The Zombie Apocalypse!

A big win comes on Halloween Day for Big Brother!

Caruso and Randiv get 2nd and 3rd place medals! Solitar, Dr Sci, Sandsorb, Travail, Farstar, Starcharger and Geminoid round out the Top Ten!

A new 12 man PUB game, Nights of November, will be starting right away and a Holiday Ring Game will commence on December 1.

Invite your friends, enemies, co-workers and family to the Holiday Ring Game and we will serve them up as a holiday feast!
-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

October 15, 2019: Mega Game Halfway Mark

This is when we get into the scary parts of the game.
Rumor is that ancient Orn used to mummify their victims? We don't speak of the unspeakable things The Swamp Beasts and Sxull do. Do you have to die to become a zombie? What really is an undead soldier?
However if falls out, enjoy this last few weeks as we approach Halloween, and start thinking of a Holiday Ring Game or two for December to wrap up the Ultra-year!
-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

October 6, 2019: Zombiepocalypse News!

Mega News and Reviews, Turn 6!

Big Brother Plays In The Kitty Litter!

- In well-executed battle order, Big Brother swept into Kittylandia to rapidly conclude a successful campaign against Koneko last tick, and completed his conquest with this tick. Mrrow!

I Just Wanna Get A Little Bit HI...1!

- An overflight of probing OSAA's sent by Xenofruit were destroyed over HI-1, but not without slaughtering nearly 20% of the native population. The plucky and resourceful Commander Geminoid has managed to recycle the abortive invading fleets into new ultranium. Asked if they would use it for memorials, the terse reply was "Hell nope: more big guns!"

Demon's Hearth Surprisingly Inviting!

- Placid Platypus brought his armada to Demon's Hearth this cycle, subjugating the native population with his GPA and supportive units. He was able to capture a huge scanner, but dismissed its usefulness immediately: "They didn't see ME coming, so how good could it be?

Sponsor's corner-- This report brought to you by Edward Scissorhands' Floral Shop: "We will always nip it in the bud."

Travail, UC News Reporter

September 26, 2019: Zombiepocalyspe

October Halloween Spooktacular! 31 turns, give or take a couple. Starts on the 1st, ends on the 31st. New players are be welcome and will be eaten! Or they can eat old players, if they can be scary enough! Now open for joining!
-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

September 14, 2019: New Mega Starting Soon!

Dependent on lunar cycles and the tidal tables, it appears that a new Mega will be open for joining in 10 or 11 days. If the creek don't rise.
Check back on the 26th and the game should be open, closing for new players on Sunday the 29th after 8 PM, with almost 48 hours to make your plans, moves and diplomatic entreaties or lack thereof. New Mega starts October 1st at 8 PM.
Glow in the dark attire required, except for Cosmic Needlemen who tend to like all black, and the Guir - who kind of glow already.
-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

September 1, 2019: Greyhulk Wins!

Congratulations to Greyhulk for the big win! Come back towards the end of this month for a new Mega to start next month and look for a 12 man PUB game to open soon. Congratulations to Farstar for going over 2,000 XP, joining a rare and highly elusive club! Congratulations also to Habig, our XP leader, Habig is now in the 400 Masters points club!
-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

August 27, 2019: '19 Acutron Scheduling And Stealth Field Fog

Stealth Field wraps up around the end of August and we take September off. A Scary Spooky Mega will come online about the 4th week of September with an October 1st start. November will alternate as an off month and we will return in December with what will most likely be a Holiday Ring Game. Post your ideas on the forum and we may be able to inculcate them. Happy Hunting!
-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

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