UltraCorps Resources

Here are pages of information, on our site and elsewhere, that you may find useful. This is a bit sparse right now because so few of the old UltraCorps fan sites are still up, but we'll welcome suggestions for more . . . send them to sj@sjgames.com.

About UltraCorps - If you have not already read this basic briefing on the game, that's the place to start.

The UltraCorps Trademark and Copyright Information Page - If you want to set up your own fan page, read this! We encourage fan pages . . . this tells you how to use our art and logos and still keep it all legal.

Starcharger's UC Map - Every UC commander is invited to log in . . . add a pointer to show where you live in the real world.

Hair10's UC Page - Lots of stuff about the game by a skilled player. Has not been updated since the end of VR-1, though, so many details are out of date.

Cybertrax's UC Page - Cybertrax was one of the founding members of the USSR alliance when UltraCorps ran on the Microsoft Gaming Zone.

Teroth's UltraCorps Website - Stats from a number of old games.