At the basic level, UltraCorps is free. All players can create their own solo games, join PUB games, and post on the main forums. For those who'd like to play in bigger games - and support further development! - we offer two subscription types with more abilities:

UltraCorps Commanders get these features:
  • Create PUB games for up to 6 players (max of one PUB running at a time), and set them either open or private, for up to 100 turns
  • Join ring games with dozens of players
  • Join mega games with hundreds of players
  • Earn points to qualify for special games
    • Master Points for scoring well in megas and ring games
    • Experience Points for every turn you play, for various achievements, and 5 XP per month as thanks for supporting our community
  • Upload an avatar
  • The Commander badge on your profile
Commander accounts are $6/month, with a discount for longer signups.
UltraCorps Elite players get all the Commander privileges, plus these extras:
  • Host up to six PUB games at once . . .
    • For up to 12 players
    • For up to 1,000 turns
    • Customize unit stats in your PUB games
  • "Super Cluster" maps for solos and PUB games, where homeworlds are farther apart and each system has an additional ring of unowned worlds
  • Join Elite-only mega and ring games
  • Access to playtest games to test new rules and units
  • A private Elite forum
  • The Elite badge on your profile
Elite accounts are $10/month, with a discount for longer signups.