December 25, 2004: Christmas Progress Report

Alpha has quit ticking for the holidays, but as of now we have still found no major problems and we continue to unravel the code.

The answer to the VFAQ "When can I play, huh, huh?" is still "As soon as we're ready."

I hope that won't be too long. We have brought in two more systems - one to be the firewall, one to be a second UC machine - and we have purchased duplicates of the server and SQL software necessary to make UC tick. (So to speak.) That will give us a system on which we can try more adventurous tweaks without risking the whole game.

Our first day back in the office is Jan. 3. As soon as the inevitable sysadmin fires are put out, Giles and Nathan will set up the firewall so we can allow connections from outside. Once that's fine and dandy, we will be able to start a closed beta. Timing on the public beta will depend, obviously, on how the closed beta goes!

December 17, 2004: Progress Continues

We have made a number of successful changes in the database, without breaking anything. Now we're asking users on the forums to suggest the changes in unit abilities, startups, etc., that they'd like to see in the first open game, and we're working on the formal plan for launching the first (closed) beta.

December 8, 2004: Alpha Continues

Alpha, our in-house test game, is continuing smoothly. We are beginning to experiment with database changes for unit stats, race startups, and so on. So far we don't seem to have broken anything . . .

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