August 21, 2005: Playing Golf

The "Echo" multiple-solo game went well; Foxtrot was a regular game, and now we're in the final stages of the 40-turn Golf, which admitted a lot more playtesters and is an experiment in removing the economic rules (everything has a fixed price). We also increased (doubled or better) all negative CA values and increased the defensive bonus of Sentinels of Garsasso and some other units, to see what happened when the balance of play was pushed more toward the defense.

Conclusions so far: We probably overdid the change in balance. However, a game with a fixed economy is playable, and this might become one component of a learning scenario.

On the back end of development, we have created a wiki that documents the play of the game. We're using this as a baseline - and organizational template - for discussion of new or changed features.
-- Steve Jackson

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