August 17, 2006: Steve At Worldcon . . .

I will be at the World Science Fiction Convention next week in Anaheim. If any UltraCorps players are attending, look me up . . . I will be most easily found by checking at the Chaos Machine in the Exhibit Hall.
-- Steve Jackson

August 10, 2006: X-8 Contest Winner!

We had three entrants submit nine different designs for the X-8 art contest. The winner is this design by Robi Mookerjee:

A close runner-up was this entry by Jenn Drummond:

Thanks to everyone who submitted entries for the contest! We were really impressed at the quality of all of them.

We'll be awarding XP points to all three entrants (just as soon as I get that part coded...)

August 1, 2006: Mini-Mega Points Blitz On Saturday

We're going to be running a test blitz today. Play starts at noon (CDT) and will run 15-min ticks for 2 hours, then 20-min ticks for 2 hours. Then a 1 hour break (from 4-5pm). Then 2 more hours of 20-min ticks. So, 20 turns total, unless something breaks.

The game will be open to 50 players; you must have completed a solo game in order to join the blitz. The objective of this test is to see how well the new point-scoring code works (and for me to fix it if it doesn't work...)

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