November 12, 2006: World Names

Thanks to everyone who submitted suggestions for new world names. 68 players suggested a total of 591 names, of which we kept 347. Our world names file is now up to 6500+ names!

November 1, 2006: World Name Suggestions

We'd like to thank everyone who participated in the Last alpha-test game! As a special bonus to the top 100 finishers (by point score), we'd like to invite you to visit this page and enter up to 10 suggestions for world names to be added to our world names database. These names (if approved) will become part of UltraCorps, and used to name Nobody worlds in future games.

All names will have to be approved by SJ, so please choose creative but appropriate names. Your entries will be checked against our existing database (so you can't submit a world name that's already in there, and you also won't be able to submit a name that someone else already suggested.)


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