August 27, 2007: New Mega Game: Oceans-23

In this game, players are interstellar bandits . . . the only thing that scores is Net Worth. Furthermore, Ult in the basefleet counts double!

This is an experiment, so rather than write special scoring code to support it, we are running this as a Classic game. The "double Ult in basefleet" scoring has been hacked in, and the admins will just override the game's automatic determination of "victory to the one with the most worlds" and change it to "victory to the one with the most lovely, lovely money."

This game will run 35 turns plus the roll of a 6-sided die, so those who plan on breaking alliances can't be sure when the last turn will be. You'll know the game is over when, sometime after turn 35, you log in and find out it's done. (That seemed to work well last time, and if it gets good feedback this time, we will code it as an option.)

We have made several tweaks for this game; the biggest one is the racial perk for the Nozama. Nozama Queens now spawn 8 to 12 Nozama Fighters each turn they're in the basefleet. This, and an increase to 60 in Nozama Fighter speed, should lead to some real hordes. Prepare to meet a lot of Nozama in this game!

August 14, 2007: Unit Stat Changes

The new mega will start after GenCon. In the meantime, here are the new unit stat changes. Thanks to everyone who commented!

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