January 31, 2008: Downtime Thursday Night / Friday Morning

Our service provider, Grande, has just told its users there will be six-hour downtime window, starting at midnight CST tonight (Thursday the 31st). We are to expect "intermittent service disruptions throughout the duration."

January 26, 2008: How Fast Can You Solo?

The Festivus games have ended; thanks to everyone who played. We have rolled back the average points that were awarded for those games; see this thread for details. All Festivus players will keep the Master Points (MP) they won.

Our next mega game will open soon. Meanwhile, why not try besting your solo game record? We have some nice shiny badges for anyone who completes a solo game in record time (badges are awarded for solos completed in 8 turns or less). You'll also win some XP (up to 20 XP for a solo in 5 turns.) We've also created a special badge for anyone that manages the impossible: a solo in 4 turns. Will you be the one?

. . .

January 16, 2008: Combined Battle Reports

Battle reports are now displayed in combined view. This means that all of your units are shown in a single column, rather than one column per fleet. This should make it easier to view large battles. You can still view the old one-column-per-fleet display by clicking on the "View report by fleet" link.

January 13, 2008: Avatars!

As of now, you can add an avatar to your profile . . . once you have reached 50 XP. Once we launch, only subscribers will be able to add avatars, but those who earn avatars during the beta will get to keep them.

To add an avatar, visit your profile page.

We're also having an avatar contest. Send us your best UltraCorps-related avatars (in 100x100 GIF or JPG format). Winning images will go into our avatar library, which other players may choose from. Winners will receive 5 XP for each winning image.

Visit the avatar page for more info.

January 9, 2008: Looking For A Perl Coder Or Two

We've thought for quite a while that we were very close to launch with UltraCorps . . . but there's still a significant to-do list, and not as much of Kira's time is available as when we started this. We would be happy to hear from competent Perl coders interested in part-time contracting to help us get to launch. And, obviously, somebody who is playing UC would have a much shorter learning curve, and would treat the project as more than just a job. So we're putting this announcement here rather than our more general news sites!

I'm best reached at sj@sjgames.com. Include basic resume information, please.
-- Steve Jackson

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