September 27, 2008: A New Prize For Mega Winners

When you win a mega, you will get to add a name to our world list. Memorialize yourself, your Significant Other, your school . . . Of course, we will veto ungentlemanly suggestions. There's no interface for this. When you win, pick a name you like and mail it to Kira. The Acutron will take it from there.
-- Steve Jackson

September 25, 2008: Inactives Now Autobuild

We've made a change to the production code; now the Nobody worlds in an inactive player's cluster will begin autobuilding after 3 turns of inactivity. (That means the player hasn't logged in for 3+ turns.)

This applies to all current PUB and mega games.

September 2, 2008: Tiny New Features

It's a great advantage to a game when the coder is actually playing it!

Case in point: Kira got tired of paging back and forth from the star map to see which players were which race. So now the racial icon shows on the rollover map.

And we've also updated the watch list to show the map color for everyone you're watching.

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