February 16, 2009: Com-Net Changes

We've moved the "Unit Cost History" link from its forgotten spot below the forums box to just below "Notable Battles".

Also, we've eliminated in-game UltraMail about badges. Instead there's now a box in Com-Net for "Badges Won This Turn", just below the Battles box. If you didn't win any badges in the last tick, then the badges box doesn't appear. (But you can always see all of the badges you've won during a game on your Empire page.)

February 12, 2009: Xyzzy Is Full!

The mega game Xyzzy is full. If you missed out, be sure to add your name to the wait list to be notified when the next game opens!

Meanwhile, you can join or start your own PUB game. There are also badges and XP to be won by completing your fastest solo game.

February 9, 2009: Xyzzy Is Open

Our newest mega game Xyzzy is now open for joining. This is a ranking points game, so choose your race carefully...

Xyzzy will start Thursday at 9pm CST. Ticks will run daily.

February 6, 2009: New Mega Next Week

Our next mega game will open for joining on Monday. Be sure you've added your name to the wait list to receive email when the game opens.

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