September 4, 2013: Off The Grid, And Onto The Deck!

Congratulations to all Commanders on the conclusion of The Grid Mega, which finished some time in the recent past.

In place of the usual list of finishers, race leaders, and winner, we at SoFNN would like to substitute a simple "Go look yourself" sign. It's not really because we're lazy (Editor's note: Yes, yes we are), and it's not because we're not interested in the wild ride and finish (Editor's note: Well, we were, but now we're not- old news, ho hum), but because we at SoFNN had to recover from the exigencies of reporting on the recent Mega game.

On the plus side, joining is open for the new Team Mega, which is apparently based around the suits from a deck of cards, and sporting 4 teams. With a nod of the hat and tip of the head (Editor's note: This way we don't get sued by Colbert), it should be noted that Kira programmed a nifty-galifty new set of code to allow random team joins! This should, perhaps, lead to a good 'shuffle' of players to provide a more even mix of new and vets, so a 'attagirl!' goes out to Kira.

Join now, get a team assigned, and get into play in the new, fun, Team Mega "Trump Card"! (Editor's note: Since it's free, it's a pretty good 'deal'. Heh.)

This message brought to you by our sponsor: General Electric Zombie Services, inc- "We bring bad things to a poor facsimile of life."

Travail, UC News Reporter

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