October 30, 2013: Zombies!

A new mega game is open for your braiiinz. Will you use the zombie hordes to your advantage, or be devoured by them? Join the Zombieverse and find out!

Game is open for joins through Sat. Nov 2.

October 24, 2013: Hearts Plays The Trump Card

The Trump Card team game has ended. After a full 40 turns of play, the Hearts team won with 208 total worlds, just edging out Diamonds who finished with 200. Of course, if the game had ended one tick sooner, Diamonds would have won it - it was a close finish! Congrats to everyone who survived!

Our next mega game will open in the next few days. Watch this space! And remember you can follow the UltraCorps group on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for new game announcements!

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