August 27, 2019: '19 Acutron Scheduling And Stealth Field Fog

Stealth Field wraps up around the end of August and we take September off. A Scary Spooky Mega will come online about the 4th week of September with an October 1st start. November will alternate as an off month and we will return in December with what will most likely be a Holiday Ring Game. Post your ideas on the forum and we may be able to inculcate them. Happy Hunting!
-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

August 15, 2019: Mega Game Halfway Mark

Half of the game has gone by and there is a dearth of news. Does this have something to do with the Stealth Field and the shortened scanner ranges? Maybe it is a plot to silence the creative voices. In any case the game is progressing smoothly, at least for some, as we enter into the 2nd half.
-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

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