March 25, 2020: March Of Madness Leads To Pandemic

Breakers and Greyhulk are tied for the lead in March of Madness! Malmbando is a close 3rd. Three other players are tied for 4th. With around a week to go, lots of things can happen.

Pandemic is slated to start on April Fool's Day, April 1st. There are about three more days to join if anyone wants to sign up for strategy, diplomacy and battle - not necessarily in that order.

-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

March 22, 2020: Pandemic

A new UltraCorps mega game, "Pandemic", is now open for joining! For more info, or to join this game, visit http://ultracorps.sjgames.com/zgame/game/gameinfo.html?gameID=83151

The first tick will be April 1st at 8pm, SJ Games time.

-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

March 17, 2020: April Mega Game

With a lot of the galaxy under lock-down it seems like a good time to run another Mega Game. It will be a little like the wild west with an assymetrical map and wide spacing. It should be different and fun. Feel free to share the Ultracorps.com link around as many people will be looking for things to do as they stay close to home in this global pandemic. The game will be available for joining in a little less than a week.
-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

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