May 11, 2022: Ultracorps Megathon

One nice week of spring, with flowers blooming and birds chirping, followed by 4 weeks of increasing conflict which builds to a crescendo as huge alien fleets engage in interplanetary combat.

For the few players that somehow manage to survive a 35 day gauntlet, we will serve them a 6th week with a twist. On the 36th tick, all NAPs and border agreements are null and void. You can go against this specific games' rules and honor invalidated contracts, but to do so would be considered less than completely honorable.

Open now, the UC Megathon closes to new players on 5/16 with the first tick slated about a day later on 5/17 at 9pm. 42 turns is a lot, so plan accordingly.

-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

May 10, 2022: The Update

DeJagen wins The Regular! Back to back wins for DaJagen!

-- Dr. Sci, Fleet Medical

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