July 30, 2022: New Mega Game Open

Augustus Reigns is open for joining until August 5th at 8 pm and will close to new players after 8pm 8/5/22. 30 turns +/- 2 turns.

Drifty galaxy map will have players in non-uniform starting positions.

The first tick will be on August 7th at 8pm CST, SJ Games time, Austin, TX, Earth.

-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

July 16, 2022: Ultracorps Milestone - 100,000 Player Accounts

Biohazard signed up as the 17,000th or so player. and Xenofruit was 23,000 plus. I came in in the 24,000's and that was 25 or so years ago.

100,000 players - or at least accounts. I have two. Rud Dishonor is my evil twin. He has played in some Mega games, but we have not yet played in a game together.

What other internet games can say they are more than 25 years old and have 100,000 or more players? I can't think of any.

We know the deep oceans are darker than space, but I am thinking space is going to get lit, as Ultracorps commanders get out there and fight the sludge in the new Mega Game Oceans Deep!

Shall we do a 25 year celebration? I think so. I know some of the game designers and artists and of course the many thousands of Ultracorps commanders. I will look into getting the word out. Ultracorps - The Gathering, haha.

Look for a mega to be up and running around the first of the month
-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

July 12, 2022: Solitar Hits 600 Master Points

Ascending to new heights with 600 MP, Solitar pushes that carrot out a little further for those talented commanders vying for King of the Hill.

UC Guderian Wins! It took some doing, but he got it done. One person's glory is another person's sob story - as new player Commander Hole is eliminated early. Guderian gets two gold badges for firepower destroyed and empire size. He narrowly misses the gold badge for having a big fleet. 1,000 FP on a single world will get you a silver badge though.

New mega game Oceans Deep is open now and starts soon.

-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

July 2, 2022: July 4th Holiday

The galaxy offices will be close over the long weekend, but we will have remote TK support from Guir Mind Technology Centers. Make sure you time your fleet landings for an extra boom for the firework celebrations. Happy Summertime! I wonder what Dr_Sci has in mind for a heat treat?


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