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Show All Production

It is important to keep your empire producing at top capacity, to create the units you need for conquest. The All Production page lists all your worlds and shows the production queue for each one. You can enter new orders from this page.

All Production

To View All Production

  • In the navigation bar at the top of any game page, click the "production" icon, which shows a factory.

  • Or, on the World Information page for any world you own, click the Show All Production button next to the Production section.
  • Check the "Worlds Without Production" section at the top to make sure none of your workers are goofing off. Should that world be producing something?
  • In the "Worlds With Production" section, you can review existing queues. All orders are shown, just as if you were looking at the Production section of the World Information page.
  • You can also see the last thing that the world produced LAST turn.
  • Click any world's link to access its Production section and issue new orders.

To See Where Your Licenses Are

At the very top of the Show All Production page is a link to Show All Licenses. It will display all the units you can build, with a list of the worlds that can build each one.

To See What Will Be Produced Next Turn

If a world has NO production scheduled next turn, there will be a red warning bar with the message "The production queue is empty."

Otherwise, at the far right of the world's entry, there will be one or more colored bars in the "Next Tick" column. This shows what the world will produce on the next tick. A green bar indicates that the order will be completed. A yellow bar indicates partial completion. Either way, the number beside the bar shows how many of that unit will be built and ready for you to use on the next turn.

If you change or rearrange the orders in the queue, the green and yellow bars will adjust to show how much will be built with the new orders. This lets you quickly see how to get the most out of your workers.

If the world will still have both Ultranium and population left after the last order is finished, a red warning bar will advise you of the fact, so you can queue more orders if you wish.

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