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To keep your war effort going, you'll have to produce more units: spaceships, MegaBots, defensive emplacements, and so on. Two unit stats govern production. The Cost (CST) of a unit is the amount of Ultranium needed to make one. The Complexity (CPX) is the number of population needed to produce it in one turn.

To see these stats, click on the unit's name to open its information window.

For more information on how to place orders and purchase design licenses, see Unit Production and Licenses.

When The Tick Runs

Once you've placed an order, it sits in the production queue until the tick runs. During the tick, the population begins working on the top order in the queue. If they finish that order (and they will, if enough population and Ultranium exist to make it), they'll start on the next order, and so on, until either they run out of orders or they have worked all they can. If the Ultranium runs out, work stops until next turn. If there is more Ultranium than the available population can process, the unused portion is left on the world. If a unit is not completed by the end of a tick, it is left partially built and the population will resume where they left off during the next tick.

Ultranium is used up when a unit is built (there is no way to "recycle" units). Population is not used up; your loyal subjects will return to work next turn!

Note: Population and Ultranium are not used for production unless they are in a world's base fleet. This means that if you want to limit a world's production, you can move Population or Ultranium into another fleet, and they won't be used.

Production and the Economy

The UltraCorps "economy" is a system for changing the price of units from turn to turn. If a game has "no economy," that means unit prices are fixed, and you can ignore the rest of this section.

In a game with an economy, when an order becomes "current" (that is, the world's population starts working on it) the price locks at the going rate. No matter what happens to the unit's price in the galaxy's economy, all the units in that order will be produced at that price in Ultranium. This is why there is a maximum order size for each unit. For more information about how the universal economy works, see Economy.



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