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Solo Play

A great way to learn UltraCorps is the solo game. You can start a solo game from the Lobby page at any time (though you can only own one solo at a time).

In the solo game, you have a single small cluster of worlds to conquer. There is no artificial intelligence opposing you. The neutral worlds just sit there stupidly until you take them over. So . . .. if you make a mistake, you can recover.

Solo games are not scored or timed in any way. Whenever you're ready to start another turn, you run a tick by clicking the Run Tick button in the top bar. Play until you conquer the whole cluster, or until you've learned everything you can from that game.

You may choose to play with or without the economy. If you turn the economy on, only your own purchases will affect prices, so any time you buy a lot of any particular unit, the price will definitely go up for later orders.

New players can use the solo game as a painless way to learn the interface and watch the way different units behave. Experienced players can experiment with different starting races and strategies, and see how quickly they can conquer the whole cluster! Finishing a solo in 8 turns or less will earn you a badge.

Your profile shows how many solo games you have completed.

Note that solo games don't stay on the server forever. If you do not delete a solo, it will be flushed two weeks after its last tick, to free up disk space.

Yes, it's possible that later we will have solo games that have opposing AIs. But not right now.

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