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Your Player Profile

You can reach your Profile page in two ways: from the Com-Net sidebar, or from the link in the Communications section of the Lobby page. This page is for you as a player, rather than about any specific game. It includes:

  • All your permanent scores: Average Rating (AVG), Master Points (MP), and Experience Points (XP).
  • Any permanent Badges you have earned.
  • Your default Empire Description.
  • Current Games: All games you are in now.
  • Completed Games: All mega-games and PUBs you have been in, with links to final stats. The number of solo games you have completed is also shown.
  • Your PUB Game Reputation: The ratings that other players have given you, and the ratings you have given other players.
  • A link to let you change your password or e-mail address.



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