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Mega-games may have hundreds of players. A mega map is generated with many concentric rings, each wrapped around the next one. Each player has a homeworld surrounded by a cluster of Nobodies. The homeworlds are in a roughly hexagonal pattern, but there will be openings and random "drift," creating places with fewer worlds, and places with worlds but no competing empires. These situations invite strategic planning.

A typical mega-game will tick once a day and be open to all players who have met certain requirements. Megas usually run 30 turns, give or take 5 or 10. Sometimes the ending turn is randomized to make a "last-turn grab" harder.

Most mega-games yield permanent points to the players who survive to the end, and more points to those who create successful empires.

Megas usually have names.

The winner of a mega-game gets a permanent Winner's Badge.

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