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Ring Games

Ring maps are larger than standard PUBs but far smaller than mega-games. In a ring map, all the homeworlds, each with its starting Nobody cluster, are equally spaced about a ring. The center of the ring is filled with more Nobody worlds.

Ring maps work nicely for 7- to 20-player games. We have done some with 30. A 36-player ring has over 1,400 worlds. Bigger rings are possible, but nobody would fight their way to the center in a reasonable time.

Every player in a ring game has empty space at his back, competitors on either side, and hundreds of Nobody worlds in front of him, ripe for the taking. We have been experimenting with code that makes the Nobodies tougher as you go toward the center.

Elite subscribers can create PUB games with small rings, for 7 to 12 players. Larger rings are created by the admins, the same way mega-games are.

Ring games don't affect your average. However, they score MP and XP like a mega-game. For details on point awards, see the Points helpfile.

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