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Naming Yourself and Your Homeworld

Your next decision is the name you'll use in the game. It defaults to your username in the general UltraCorps system, but you can pick another alias, as long as:

  • it contains at least three characters;
  • it does not duplicate any other player's username or reserved alias;
  • it does not duplicate any alias already in use in the game you are joining.

Note that using an alias will not conceal your identity within the game. Experienced players will be able to figure out who you are from the URLs of the information screen. Use of an alias does not change your ranking in any way. Aliases are just for your own enjoyment.

Reserved Aliases

If you like a name so much that you want to make it yours and yours alone, you may "reserve" an alias. This costs $5 per year and is done from the subscription page. If you have at least one reserved alias, you may set one as "preferred" from "Edit Preferences" on your Profile page, and it will be the default when you enter a game.

Your Homeworld

Now pick a name for your homeworld. It also has to be at least three characters, and can't duplicate any other player's user name or reserved alias. Keep in mind that this can't be changed in the game, so pick a name you can live with!

Your next choice is the "world type" of your homeworld. At this point, world types are just graphic decoration . . . they mean NOTHING in the game . . . so pick one with a picture you like.

Your last choice before you enter the game is the race you'll play . . . which gets its own section, below.

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