Cosmic Needle Men

The Cosmic Needle Men take their racial privacy fetish to an extreme which other races can hardly imagine. In a normal society, for instance, a factory manager knows his subordinates and may even have visited their homes. In a Needle Man factory, the manager doesn't even know his subordinates' names or what they look like, and they know even less about him. Yet somehow their society works.

The CNM, naturally, love the fast and undetectable Hurax Stealth Fighter. Their starting fleet consists of 16 such fighters. With their speed of 140, the Hurax let a CNM empire expand quickly . . . if they are not thrown away faster than they can be replaced. A wise CNM commander will quickly supplement his fighters with other units, holding his speedy, invisible strike force as a deterrent against greedy neighbors . . . or a potent tool for his own ambitions.

Cosmic Needle Men can build the Hurax Stealth Fighter for 135 CPX and price capped at 100 Ult.


EI: 35, RER: 205


400 Population
600 Ultranium
16 Hurax Stealth Fighter