Swamp Beasts

The Swamp Beasts, crude and ill-mannered, are driven by brute anger, insatiable appetites, and a general dislike for other beings.

They start with a fairly well-balanced force and the license for the huge R-Class Wrecker. An important strategic decision for a Swamp Beast empire is how long to stay with its initial ATO-3 Crawlers for transport: they are capacious, and fairly rugged in combat, but relatively slow.

Swamp Beasts breed like swamp vermin, because they ARE swamp vermin. They get a 20% increase in EI on all worlds they control.

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EI: 50, RER: 200


500 Population
600 Ultranium
16 A-7 Mauler
8 ATO-3 Crawler
16 All-Terrain Rover
0 HEW Upgrade Kit (License only)
12 HEW-9 Eliminator
0 R-Class Wrecker (License only)
1 Scan-O-Matic
36 Sentinel of Garsasso