The four-handed Zenrin possess perfect physiques for weaponless combat, but the true masters of their art of DinChoFu have progressed past all physical techniques, and scatter fleets with the power of their minds.

The starting Zenrin fleet consists of little except medium-speed transport units and 180 v1 Zenrin War Monks . . . mere cannon fodder. But the Zenrin homeworld is populous and well stocked with Ultranium, and if a Zenrin warlord re-invests his first conquests in new licenses, he can build units that work well with his fodder, such as the E-Class Suicide Fighter and the fearsome C.R. Org.

Eventually, if all goes well, he can train the mighty Zenrin Master, who, riding the Scan-O-Matic 80, is an incredibly potent force of destruction moving at the fastest speed possible in the universe.

Zenrin can lock in the price on up to 5 Art of Silence at a time.

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EI: 30, RER: 230


700 Population
700 Ultranium
2 Cargo Booster
1 DinChoFu Stealth Arts
3 Scan-O-Matic
5 X-8 Assault Shuttle
180 Zenrin War Monk
20 ZinCho Mystic Breath