The Guir have characteristics of both plants and insects. Their science focuses on extra-physical phenomena such as telekinetics, psychic communication, and planar energy manipulation. They were originally responsible for all the "TK" series of designs.

The Guir start with the license for the fast, high-capacity (but somewhat fragile) transport unit, the TK PsiHauler, and the even faster medium strike unit, the TK Bike. A Guir empire can achieve fast initial expansion, but must beware of overextending itself, sacrificing too much firepower in its first conquests, and losing its momentum.

The Guir never pay more than base price (175) for TK PsiHaulers.

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EI: 40, RER: 250


500 Population
400 Ultranium
1 TK Assault Pside Car
4 TK Bike
3 TK PsiHauler
1 TK Scan420
15 TK Tank
15 X-5 Raider