November 23, 2004: And Here We Go!

Our first alpha game has started. In-house only, so we can see what sort of bugs pop up . . . but it's a game! Props to Nathan Eliot for persistent unraveling of the code, and to Les Barstow for sage advice ("Just ignore that error message and go on.")

We'll tick Alpha a couple of times tomorrow, and then put it on hold for Thanksgiving. Then we'll do a tick every weeknight once we get back. We should wind up with between 8 to 10 players in this one. It will be interesting to see how UC works as a merely multiplayer (rather than massively multiplayer) game.

November 19, 2004: Pointers

Jaleco has now transferred us the ultracorps.com domain, and any attempt to reach that domain now goes to our UltraCorps page.

November 12, 2004: Credits!

We've now heard from several people who have been significantly involved with UltraCorps . . . most recently Stan James. Who's Stan? Just the original designer of the game. Woot! Thanks to Stan, we have enough historical information to post a credits page.

Not much progress on the server front, not because it's that hard, but because until the beginning of the week we had only one person who is competent to track down those IP addresses, and Giles had too much on his plate. Nathan Eliot is now here and working, and progress will happen.

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