January 15, 2005: Small Bad News, Big Good News

First the bad news: the UltraCorps hardware is sick. The server which we acquired from Jaleco has started rebooting spontanously. We've quit ticking Alpha and redirected our efforts from "get firewall up and launch closed Beta" to "replicate server NOW and retire the old hard drive to archival status."

Now the good news: The above is a speedbump, not a stone wall. Overall, things have gone well enough that UltraCorps is getting its own personnel budget; it is no longer one of the projects that we work on "in between things." (Having dedicated personnel was always the plan, but now it's reality.) Giles Schildt is now officially the Producer for UltraCorps. It will be getting about half his time as soon as he finishes handing off his Webmaster duties. UltraCorps will get about another 20 hours a week from others; Giles will coordinate their efforts. So that's the equivalent of one full-time employee devoted to the game. This should make a difference very soon.

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