March 4, 2005: Now That Was Neat!

I just got off the phone with Brandon Gillam, one of the original designers of UltraCorps and the creator of the great art that gives the game so much of its flavor. It was a fantastic call, and I'm now stoked. The stories he told about the ancient days just blew me away. He hadn't known that UC was being resurrected, and he's pleased. To put it mildly.

I love the idea of him being involved again!

Okay, you all want a status report too. The bad news, at least from the "immediate progress" standpoint, is that the Game Developers Conference, immediately followed by the GAMA Trade Show, will be distracting our team here for the next couple of weeks. The good news is we have hired a new full-time employee, Leroy Everett, who will be putting about half his hours into UltraCorps. The other half of his time will go into webmastering, which will free up a great deal of Giles' time for . . . UltraCorps. Net result: approximately one more full-time UC developer. Leroy will get here before the end of the month, and the milestones will start coming closer together.
-- Steve Jackson

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