November 26, 2005: Hotel Is Open!

Our first open alpha-test session, Hotel, began last night. It's had a lot of players (136 games are in progress as I type), and hasn't blown up. Various small bugs have been identified; some have already been fixed.

Hotel is solo play . . . you conquer a small cluster of worlds, moving at your own speed and ticking when you're ready. In particular, be sure to check out the new and improved autofleet system! And Kira wrote a leader board, visible on the lobby page.

You'll also be able to see the new blue "skin" on lobby and help pages, though not (yet) on the actual game pages.

Log in to www.ultracorps.com any time before 11:59:59 pm Sunday, give it a try, and post your comments on the forums! Monday we'll mail out a link to a short questionnaire. Please, please respond, and help us improve the game!
-- Steve Jackson

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