February 3, 2006: New Games!

First, our thanks to all the India playtesters who have finished their questionnaire . . . and if you haven't, please do so!

Now: TWO new games will start in the next few days. To sign up for either one, you will need to have finished a solo by conquering the whole cluster (and our records of who has finished solos may not be complete, so if you have not played one for a long while, go practice!). To sign up, go to the Lobby sometime between the time the game opens and the time it fills . . .

Ecofreak, a blitz game to test the economy, will run this Saturday, February 4. Don't sign up unless you want to spend the afternoon at the computer. The game will open Friday, probably in the evening, to minimize the number of people who reserve a space and then make other plans. :-( This will only be a 35-player game.

The first tick will take place at noon CST (which is GMT -6). The game will run for 17 more ticks - a total of 18 turns - just time enough to harass your neighbor a bit. The next eight turns will be 15 minutes each; the rest will be 20 minutes. The last tick will run at 5pm. You may want to keep a chat window open for fast diplomacy. Feel free to try to break or abuse the economy - that's what this is FOR.

Juliet, our first massive game with variant victory conditions, will open Monday, February 6. The first tick will run Wednesday, February 8 at 10pm CST. There will be a total of 20 turns. The game will have an economy unless Ecofreak finds big problems. The map has 529 homeworlds. Everyone will be Mah-Tog, and the object will be to control the most population so you can win the democratic election for Galactic Overlord. Info on unit stat changes will be posted before the game starts.

There will be a special rule for this scenario, which we will probably keep for similar games: inactive homeworlds (and we'll define "inactive" pretty tightly) will go nova. It will not be easy to snap up unguarded Mah-Tog homeworlds full of unspent ultranium. The surrounding Nobody worlds will remain, though.
-- Steve Jackson

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