March 3, 2006: Juliet Done; Small Group Games Start Soon

Juliet is over. Congratulations to Mah'Furry, who ended the game with more than 45,000 population!

To see the final rankings, go to the Juliet ComNet page and click the Final Player Rankings link. Note that six of the top 10 population leaders were also in the top 10 for world count. This may be inevitable; nevertheless, many players said they enjoyed having a different victory condition to shoot for.

On the rankings page, you'll notice we have added rankings for top WORLD in both population and firepower.

Members of the alpha playtest list will be able to start small group games soon. They will be able to invite anyone to join, though invitees who don't yet have an account will have to set one up before they can enter a game. If you're not on the alpha list, look in the Lobby for an opening, or hang around UltraChat and ask for an invitation!

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