March 6, 2006: PUB Games

Our new feature is the PUB (Private Universe Battle) game. These are small-map games for two to six empires, owned and ticked by one of the players. Features are still being added, but a small group of experienced players has been given the ability to create PUB games as a sort of pre-alpha. We anticipate that within a week or so, if we don't find anything awful, everyone will be able to do so. In the meantime, if you want to join one, follow the PUB Games link in the lobby and look for an open game. If you find none, come hang out in UltraChat, or post a note in the "Please invite me to a PUB Game" topic on the forum.

You do NOT have to have played a solo game in order to join a PUB game, but if you are new to UC, we recommend that you knock out at least one solo as soon as you can, so you don't make any empire-shatteringly fatal goofs against your live opponents.
-- Steve Jackson

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