March 13, 2006: The PUB Is Open!

PUB games (player-initiated games for 2 to 6 commanders) are now in open alpha. Anyone with an UltraCorps playtest account (free - you just have to sign up) can create a PUB game, and either throw it open to whoever signs up first, or password it and invite friends.

PUB stands for "Private Universe Battles," and in pre-alpha, these were a lot of fun . . . so join us and give it a try! The owner of the game sets the tick schedule, so you can do anything from a slow game that ticks once every few days, to a blitz that ticks every 10 or 15 minutes.

You can also make the game as long as you want . . . though we don't promise that games started now will stay on the server after actual launch, so don't tie up your whole life in a 999-tick game just yet. But you've got at LEAST a month!
-- Steve Jackson

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