March 30, 2006: Kilroy Isn't Here (But Will Be Soon)

A lot of you have been asking about the next massive game. Our current goal is to make it the first and hopefully last BETA test . . . beta being defined as "Feature complete for launch, so here's your last chance to break it."

(Yes, we want to add some more PUB features too, but those can be done after the massive beta starts.)

Kilroy will definitely not start BEFORE Sunday, April 9. Among other reasons, we have a server maintenance downtime of at least four hours which is currently scheduled for the early, early morning of Friday the 7th. (We'll give you specifics later, but obviously ticks won't run during that time.) We want a minimum of a day after the system comes back up before we start anything big!

And, of course, not all the launch features are IN yet . . . so there will be a lot of coding over the next week.

When the new game does start, it will be a daily tick, economy on, 35 turns PLUS 1d6. In other words . . . it will be at least 36 turns, maybe 41, and you won't know it's over till you log in after the last tick.

There will be more unit tweaks, and at least one racial tweak. We will implement these in the unit database SOON so you can try them out in PUB games beforehand. There will be a short announcement here, and a forum thread, when that happens.
-- Steve Jackson

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