June 3, 2006: Kilroy Has Ended!

Kilroy has ended! It ran for 37 turns. Congratulations to Black Star, who finished with 73 worlds. (Hmm. 73:37... ) Also, despite the Xiron owning the top 10 early in the game, the final rankings were more evenly distributed: one Arachnon, 4 Mah-Tog, a Cosmic Needle Man, a Va'Tak, and two Xiron... plus a 3-way tie for 10th between two Xiron and a CNM.

While we didn't get point scoring going this game, we have made some improvements both to visible pages (profiles, zero-lock licenses, accurate prodq estimates) and to behind-the-scenes stuff. We also learned some things (this map was too spaced-out; expect your neighbors to be closer next time).

We don't have any ETA on when the next Mega game will start; til then, there are plenty of PUBs going on, including a PvP PUB Tourney. Check out the forums for details!

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