June 6, 2006: Glitch With Certain PUB Games

The following PUB games suffered a system glitch today:
  • #11964 - 06-06-06 Afternoon Blitz Game
  • #11859 - Four-Way War
  • #11547 - Work-Week Special V
  • # 9200 - Death to Ahabig
  • #11888 - Texas Three-a-day
  • #11376 - Empires In Space
  • #11675 - GHC 4: Psych Out
Possibly some others, though these were the ones I noticed stuck in the tick. I've unlocked the games, but the last tick did not run to completion - it died during the battles phase. Some battles may have run; others may not have. Scanners will NOT have updated.

Anyway, my advice is to proceed with the next tick, which should clear things out, but if you continue having problems with your game, please e-mail me.
-- Kira

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