July 4, 2006: X-8 Art Contest

You have probably noticed that there is no artwork for the very useful X-8 Assault Shuttle. This new unit was added after we took over development, and there was no existing art that could be repurposed to fit it.

So . . . contest time. Let's get some art.

Your mission: to use whatever 3d rendering tools suit your fancy to create a unit that more or less matches the X-8 icon, and fits the style of the existing art. Don't worry about lettering . . . we'll add that.

There should be two different images: a small one, 340 x 300, showing the unit, and a larger 1024 x 768 desktop. Both should be 72dpi RGB JPEG files. We will also need the mesh and skin so we can do other evil and neat things with it.

The prize: your name goes on the permanent credits page, and when we establish the "experience points" system - or whatever we end up calling the rankings that measure your service to the community - you will start off well above zero. And if we're really impressed, we may offer you a deal to make us more art . . . and not just for XP, either.

The fine print: All submissions become property of SJ Games. We may not name any winner, if nothing blows us away . . . or we may put it to a forum vote if several of you blow us away. Send your entries to kira@sjgames.com and sj@sjgames.com.
-- Steve Jackson

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