October 18, 2006: Ratings

By popular request, which we agree with, the Ratings system has been changed. Everyone in Last will see a huge jump in Rating, to a number that will more accurately compare you with all players, not just with the leader. (Okay, ALMOST everyone will see a jump. The leader's rating remains 100.)

Here's the new system, based on an explanation by Joel Halpern:

At the end of each mega-game turn, your current "rating" for that game is computed. Take the number of players with scores equal to or less than your own. Multiply that by 100 and divide by the total number of players. Round up to the next whole number - except that ratings between 99 and 100 become 99. That gives the winner a rating of 100, and everyone else scores proportionately less. A player whose point score is in the middle of the pack has a rating of 50. (For the mathematically inclined, this score is very similar to, but not the same as, a percentile calculation.)

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