December 23, 2006: Holiday Ring Games

Within a few days, we'll start Holiday-1 for those who want some galactic conquest over the vacations. It will tick Christmas night, and twice a day after that for 20 turns. This will be a new type of map, for 20 players. We're going to call it a "ring game," because all the homeworlds are in a ring, with Nobodys in the middle.

No, 20 players isn't a lot. But at the same time we start Holiday-1, we'll launch a new "game request" feature that will let you say "Hey, I'm not in a game and I want to be." See, we really have NO IDEA how many of you are going to be up for holiday gaming, so we're creating some code to let you tell us. And when we get enough requests, whether that's the next hour, the next day, or the next week, we can launch Holiday-2, and so on. (Some of the holiday games might tick only once per day . . . look for the Holiday Ring Games forum topic to comment on what you'd like.)

Winning a Holiday Ring game will be worth 1 MP. All players will get normal XP for playing. Averages will not be affected.

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