January 5, 2007: 12 In 8-7-6-5 Badges

We've added a new badge to the set you can win for completing a solo game quickly:

These badges recognize a player who has completed the standard unopposed solo game, with 12 unowned worlds to conquer, in eight turns or less, as follows:

  • 12-in-8 badge (good time): copper, with the number 8 in a group of planets.
  • 12-in-7 badge (very good time): bronze, with the number 7 in a group of planets.
  • 12-in-6 badge (amazing time): silver, with the number 6 in a group of planets.
  • 12-in-5 badge (frightening time): gold, with the number 5 in a group of planets.
Note that winning these badges is also good for experience points!

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