March 21, 2007: Changes To Racial Start Values

We've made some changes to the starting fleets for the following races:

    Cosmic Needle Men - 15 Hurax (instead of 16)

    Ectonians - 2 Megabots (up from 1), Hyperbooster (new), G-21 Arc Cannon (new), 20 Super Space Fighters (up from 10), 20 X-5 Raiders (up from 5), 15 X-7 Corvettes (down from 20), (drop 3 TK bikes), 3 cargo boosters (new)

    Nozama - 1 Nozama Queen added.

    Orn - 5 Thirus All-Purpose Saucers (up from 4), 3 cargo boosters (up from 2)

These changes are effective now for any newly created games. Existing games (even those that haven't started yet) will not show these changes.

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