March 28, 2007: Scheduled Downtime Saturday Afternoon

There will be a scheduled downtime for maintenance on the UltraCorps server at 12:00 PM CDT (noon) this Saturday, March 31. The expected downtime window is approximately one hour. The UltraCorps game server will be offline and unreachable during this time as we try to address the recent server crashes.

-- Jimmie

March 28, 2007: Server Woes

The UC server was down last night, from just before 1am til about 9am central time. This is the third crash in a week's time. Tracking down the problem is proving difficult since it leaves no errors in the server logs. We're probably going to swap the server out for one of our backup boxes, which will mean a little more down time while we swap the disks to the new box. I'll post more news here when I have some.

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