March 31, 2007: New Mega Game

We're starting another mega game. This one tests a new join feature and a new map style. It's called N-Space, and is an open beta game for 250 players - we based the size on the number of people who signed up on the request list.

Features of this game:

  • The economy will be in effect.
  • The game will run for 35 turns, ticking daily at 10pm CDT.
  • It will use the "classic" victory conditions . . . number of worlds controlled.
  • The map for N-Space is less randomized than most of the past megas. You can expect to have 4-6 enemy homeworlds surrounding your world, and most of them will be within 300 units. (Some will be in the 300-350 range.) Gaps in the starfield are smaller and less common.
The game will open for joins on Monday morning. It will initially only be joinable by people who have completed a solo and put their name on the game request list. If you are on the list, and this game fits your request, you will get an invitation to N-Space and your name will be dropped from the list. (If you requested something different - a slower game, say, or a ring - you will NOT get an invitation, and your name will remain on the list.) (Check that your e-mail address is current.)

On Tuesday, if there are any slots still open, we'll open up joins to everyone who has completed a solo.

The first tick will take place on Wednesday, April 4 at 10pm CDT (UTC-5).

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